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Group of Friends
School Bus
Farmer Holding Fruit

The Peoples Movement For Greater Love. 

There is a Legion here.

It is time to gather. 

It is time to gather all backgrounds, faiths, religions, and creeds for love. A good team is made up of indiciduals who have different skills, and perspectives. That way you can see the problems and solutions from many sides and angles. We unite here for one thing only. Love. The world needs us to hold the space, and do the work in our hearts, families, communities and the world. Many of us have projects, callings, and missions. Thank God.

You know why you are here.

You are not alone. We came here to be together. And we see what is happening in the world. 

The plan here is to unite, make a community space. Build events and support initiatives. 

Here Is The TimeLine:

Unite and Gather

Use Our Prayers, And Energy To Hold The Space For The Greater Good.

Save The Water

Save The Children

Feed, House and Care for Everyone

Change The Laws

Create The Laws

Live In Peace and Freedom

Sunrise over the Wheat Field
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