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Leap of Faith

Together under God we rise for love. 

Unite For Love And The Greater Good.

A Legion of Love. 

We are everywhere. And we are ready. 

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Updated: Oct 12, 2022

It is time to unite for love.

The call came in on Saturday Night October 8th 2022. We are already here, so why not mobilize as a Legion of/for Love? Do you feel the calling to do something more? To join with others and bring your medicine, your love, and your light? We are gathering the Legion of Love. So we can maximize love's presence on this earth.

Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

As we move through this process of gathering for real, things will transform and grow. Our love will become stronger and more capable, and we will get some things done on this planet that are desperately needed by many.

Take Care Of The Water

We have created 127,000 water medicine wheels on earth since 2013- 2017. This movement continues to grow, for Water is Life. Under the Guidance of a Paiute Water Keeper: Grandfather Golden Eagle, while working collaboratively with Water Crystal Consciousness Scientist Dr. Masuru Emote, and The Childrne's Peace Project.

Rose quart crystal programmed with love, care and respect, placed reverently by co founder and water keeper Heidi Little, is in all the oceans surrounding Turtle Island, and all the Rivers, Lakes and Waterways she could reach and found herself with over the years as a touring musician, International children's advocate/educator and water wheel ceremony initiative.

Many of us have stepped up over the years, decades, and timelines. We realize we are here to be of service. What's Next? We would like for you to sit with perhaps: Water laws, and the creation and upholding of the EPA Laws. Currently there are none in South Dakota and North Dakota protecting the ground water tables like The Dakota Aquifer. Make those calls, say those prayers, and let's see and support clean water for all! We will be attaching Chief Looking Horses and Paula's research on the Dakota Aquifer,, which is being polluted by a cow farm, that is on top of a continental divide. Right now polluting the drinking water of millions of people.

For now we gather.

If you are interested in blogging for this site, or you want to reach out about anything else, please email we could use experienced email list managers.

Love and light all around,

Heidi Little, M. Ed

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